1. Absolute Privacy


We offer ABSOLUTE Privacy - to participate in Nakamoto Roulette we have absolutely no requirements. No documents, no proof of any kind, no identification requested, ever. We do not even require you give us your real name.


We only collect the bare minimum required to login and authenticate a secure play session;

- such as an email address to login and communicate with us.

- such as a name or minimum required credentials of the chosen payment mechanism, which may be a PayPal user, a Bitcoin wallet address, or otherwise.

This information is used only to enable any available payment mechanisms for deposits and withdrawals.

We operate a strictly "no questions asked" policy and do not require any players personal information whatsoever.


Any information, including your name, email address, game activity, financial transactions or otherwise is kept 100% confidential and not shared with any governing agency, company or government of any country, whatsoever.

We only use your information for the purpose of communicating with you directly (we do not share or sell any player data or details), keeping only the minimum data required to enable you to communicate, play our games and transact with you using any of the available payment mechanisms.

2. Game Play


Any game or live broadcast we offer is developed, designed or selected by us to be fair and 100% legitimate - real casinos, real tables, real dealers, real wheels and real results.


All games and results are provided as-is and unaltered. If a Casino Roulette Wheel determines a result is such, that is the result we publish and base any payouts on.

- If a player lodges a complaint about an incorrect result, management will inspect the live video, any recordings, and/or discuss with the Casino directly and make a determination as to any administrative fix we may make for that spin or result.

- Any administrative fixes or payout adjustments made are done so under any conditions set and communicated at the time by management upon awarding such refunds, rewards or adjusted payouts.

We keep our payouts very simple and historically have always sided with the player in the event of any game dispute.


Our general policy is to accept any bets made via our Game Client (and hence via our Game Servers) as valid. Meaning, if you are able to click and make the bet - we will accept it.

We do not allow automated systems to connect to our GameServer, and all bets must be made via our published Game Client. We offer no API for direct communication from 3rd party betting applications to our Game Servers, and will reject bets attempted to be placed in this way.

3. Financial Transactions


All Financial Transactions are subject to any terms set by the payment mechanism used, and as such are mostly completely out of our control.

3.2 Crypto Currency

We operate our own Crypto Currency Node wallets for the purpose of direct transactioning on the associated Blockchain, and as such have absolutely no 3rd party terms to comply with for these transactions - allowing us to maintain absolute privacy and anonymity.

3.3 Payment Gateways and Fraud

Where a 3rd party payment gateway is used for deposits or withdrawals (such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill or otherwise) we require a valid transaction remain unchanged. In the event that a previously valid deposit transaction is somehow altered (due to fraud or otherwise) our policy is to ban the associated account and address on our system and to restrict further deposits or withdrawals from this player.